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Home Care Packages

The HCP Program forms a crucial part of the Australian Government’s comprehensive care strategy for its elderly population. It serves as an intermediary solution, bridging the gap between the CHSP, which provides limited care and support, and full-time residential aged care homes that offer extensive care. The program’s position in the care continuum is depicted in the following diagram:

Eligibility for home service programs like HCP is determined through an impartial evaluation by either an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) or a Regional Assessment Service (RAS). My Aged Care facilitates the connection of senior Australians with the appropriate assessment service tailored to their needs, as detailed in Section 6.

Individuals may initially utilize services via flexible care or CHSP and subsequently undergo assessment for the HCP Program. Alternatively, some may begin their government-supported aged care journey directly with the HCP Program. Participation in earlier care programs is not a prerequisite for eligibility in the HCP Program. Section 16 provides more detailed insights into how this program interacts with other aged care initiatives.

The HCP Program offers subsidies and additional support (subject to eligibility) for a coordinated package of care, including services and care management, tailored to meet each person’s specific ageing-related care needs, objectives, and preferences. To accommodate varying degrees of ageing-related care requirements and to help individuals safely stay in their homes for as long as feasible, the program offers four distinct levels of care packages.

The Australian Government underwrites various care and service types through the HCP Program. These services aim to preserve the well-being and independence of older Australians, support their capabilities as they age, and ensure their continued engagement with their communities.