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Do you have trouble dosing clients in their home?

Ask us about Medisphere – An electronic medication management (EMM) application that is improving quality of care and reducing medication-related incidents may be the solution you are looking for?

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Do you have trouble managing your family’s medication?

Ask how Swiftpack can deliver a hassle free medication management program.

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Making medication administration safe for everyone

Swiftpack presents a roll of sachet-enclosed medication, providing a reliable, safe, and easy-to-use dosing option that’s conveniently portable for on-the-go use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are a pharmacy dedicated to delivering medications directly to individuals who seek a reliable, experienced, accurate, and trusted delivery service. Whether you need your medicines at home, or at a Residential Aged Care Facility (RACF), you can confidently choose us as your preferred pharmacy provider.

You can reach out to the pharmacy from 8.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m., Monday through Friday, either by calling us or by emailing Our team of pharmacists is always ready to assist you in any manner possible.

Your doctor can send prescriptions to Swiftpack® Australia at any time by using our free postage address below.

Swiftpack® Australia
Reply Paid 84230
PO Box 382
Tuart Hill WA 6939.

Yes. Our certified pharmacy is a full-service pharmacy and can dispense inhalers and creams, as well as prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, and vitamins. These items are charged to your account and delivered with your next medication roll at no additional delivery fee.

These “when required” medicines, also known as “PRN” medications are dispensed in original prescription bottles rather than in your daily packs. If you find you’re taking “PRN” medications on a regular basis, notify your doctor or pharmacist so they can provide information that can help you decide whether it might be more appropriate as a daily medication.

You can sign up any person you’re caring for via the normal sign-up page at www.Swiftpack®.com or by calling Swiftpack® on 08 93499611.

No. When you become a member of Swiftpack® Australia we ask for information about your current pharmacy. Once you confirm the pharmacy details, we will call your old pharmacy and make the arrangements for having your prescription history information and prescriptions delivered to Swiftpack® Australia’s certified pharmacy.

What happens if I get a new prescription?

If it is a medication that you should start right away, we will ship you an interim supply to carry you through until your next Swiftpack® arrives.

What do you do about dose changes?

For medications with regular dosage adjustments, such as warfarin or prednisolone, we might package that medication separately or provide it in its original container accompanied by distinct instructions. This approach ensures you can adjust your dosage conveniently without affecting or wasting your other medicines.

What if my prescription has specific directions?

Every Swiftpack® comes with a medication profile that includes images and instructions for each medication. This makes it easy to understand how each medication should be taken, with clear colour images so you know what medication and when you should be taking it.

What if I need an urgent antibiotic?

We have the ability to deliver overnight an urgently required medication, but for drugs that should be started immediately, like antibiotics, we recommend filling this medication at a local retail pharmacy. If you’re not sure about the urgency of starting a new medication, give us a call.

What if I miss a dose?

If it’s close to the time you’re supposed to take the medication, you should take the medication as soon as you remember. If it’s closer to your next dose, you should skip the packet. For specific circumstances, please call your pharmacist on (08) 93499611.

What do I do if my doctor changes the dose?

Have your doctor send the new prescription or new direction on your medication profile to the pharmacy. Upon receipt of the new prescription or instructions, we will stop your old dosage or medication and send you enough new medication to get you through until your next roll arrives. If it’s not an urgent change, you can decide to wait to start the medication when your next Swiftpack® arrives to decrease confusion and cost.

Do you take back my old medications?

We currently don’t take back your old or unused medications. We are endeavouring to develop a system for this to happen, when we have this organised, we will let you know how it will work.

Are you able to add vitamins to my Swiftpack®?

We currently don’t take back your old or unused medications. We are endeavouring to develop a system for this to happen, when we have this organised, we will let you know how it will work.

Can you send insulin as well as supplies for insulin pens?

Yes, we send insulin, glucose test strips, and needles for insulin pens. We deliver in temperature-controlled packaging. For test strips, we use the National Diabetes Services Scheme, so you access the reduced prices. We will need a NDSS membership number for this service, we will collect this information when you become a member.

How does Prescription Management work?

Our Prescription Management service means that you never have to worry about missing a medication. We contact your prescriber up to 5 weeks before your last repeat runs out. We send your doctor a notification every week until any outstanding prescription is in place for your next repeat.

How do you contact my doctor?

An email is sent every Friday evening unless an alternative day is specified by the Doctor. This email contains a summary of prescriptions required for continuous supply.  When there is more than one prescriber, we will contact the appropriate prescriber for each medication with applicable communication related to your prescription needs.

How are Swiftpacks dispensed?

We use an automated dispensing system to sort and fill your personalized Swiftpack®. The dispensing system contains multiple bar-code checks and each medication canister used is calibrated for specific medications. Each Swiftpack® is packed in consecutive dose order labelled with your name, the date, and day and dose time. Doses are easily separated from each other making it easy to take the required dose(s) with you if you are on the go.

Do you check the packets before they get sent out?

Each Swiftpack® dispensed in the pharmacy is sent through an image recognition system that ensures the right pill is in the right pack at the right time for the right person. We have put in place very secure and rigorous procedures that have multiple pharmacist checkpoints. The system detects dispensing accuracy of the pack and records a photograph of each dose that is stored for at least 3 months, every medication roll is reviewed by a pharmacist.

Do I have to sign a contract?

There is absolutely no contract at Swiftpack®. If you are unhappy with the service or would like to switch for any reason, we will help coordinate with your new pharmacy to transfer your prescriptions and information. We do however require a commitment to the terms and conditions of the service.

How can I pay?

All members to the Swiftpack® program are required to fill in a direct debit application for auto-processing of your account. Your account will be automatically processed on the 14th of the month following supply, giving you time to review your account and contact us should there be any confusion or error on the account.

Do you offer promotional discounts?

The best way to hear about special promotions and discounts is to join our mailing list. Part of our application process for membership will automatically enrol you into the emailing program for promotions, accounts, and any other communication as required from time to time.

How much will you charge for vitamin supplements or over-the-counter medications?

Swiftpack® sources vitamin supplements and over-the-counter medications from similar suppliers as a local pharmacy. We follow most suppliers’ suggested retail pricing, which is usually very similar to the prices you would find at a retail pharmacy.

Do you supply generic medications?

Yes, unless specifically requested we will dispense a generic medication. National Health approved generic medications keep the cost of medication down to the lowest possible price. A generic medicine must contain the same active ingredients as the original formulation. Generic medicines save patients substantial costs. The principal reason for the relatively low price of generic medicines is that competition increases among producers when drugs are no longer protected by patents. Companies incur fewer costs in creating the generic drug and are therefore able to maintain profitability at a lower cost to consumers with the same quality compared to the original brands. All generic medicines must be approved by the Australian Therapeutics Goods Administration.

How can I change my details?

You can change your details by notification on this website or alternatively, you can call us on 08 93499611.

What happens if I’m going away on a holiday?

Just let us know what dates you’ll be gone, and we will arrange to provide you with a sufficient supply of medication to last through your trip. We just ask that you give us at least 2 weeks’ notice.

How often do you deliver the Swiftpack® medications?

We deliver your new Swiftpack® every 14 days, which contains 14 days of medication supply, as well as any “when required” medicines, inhalers, or creams that were requested since the last delivery date.

Where is the Swiftpack® pharmacy located?

Our certified pharmacy is located at 3/85 Wanneroo Road, Tuart Hill, WA, 6060.

How do you get my prescriptions and personal information?

The majority of the personal information we have will provided directly by you during the membership application process. Once approved, we retrieve additional information from your former pharmacy such: medication name(s), strength, directions, and history and then confirm this with your doctor. Please review our privacy policy.